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Recent news from our hand therapy practice

Check out my latest Blog for MSK Australia on tips for protecting your arms and Hands when bike riding.

Was lucky enough to attend a face to face weekend workshop on the wrist in March this year. So nice to catch up with other therapists and to hear the latest on the wrist. 

Went to the AHTA run workshop on Arthritis. Reviewed the pathomechanics and current treatments for all different types of arthritic conditions.. Very comprehensive course.... now for the exam and the essay to assess if I learnt the content!

Funny to compare the 2021AHTA national conference with the 2020 Asia Pacific Federation of Societies of Hand Therapists. I attended the 2021 conference online, the speakers were great and I really enjoyed attending the conference from the comfort of my home. The 2020 Conference was pre-covid  in Melbourne and combined with the Asian Pacific Federation of Societies for Surgery of the Hand, there were over a thousand delegates and it was a Geoff's Shed. Couldnt have been two more different learning experiences. Loved them both for very different reasons!

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