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  1. Where is Western District Hand Therapy located?
    We are a hand therapy service located in Warrnambool, Victoria. For more specific information on our address please see our 'contact us' page.

  2. Do I need a referral to make an appointment?
    Although your GP may refer you to us, you do not need a referral to see our hand therapy team at 728 Raglan Parade, Warrnambool. You can self refer and make an appointment by phoning (03) 5562 4442 and speaking to our friendly receptionists.
    Compensable clients (TAC, workcover, DVA):
    For your appointments to be billed directly to your insurance agent, compensable clients will need a written referral from your local GP.


  3. What do I need to bring to my appointment?
    Please bring any x-rays or other test results relevant to your upper limb injury or condition.
    Compensable clients (TAC, workcover, DVA):
    You will be required to bring your claim number with you and the contact details of your employer.


  4. When do I need to pay for my appointments?
    Payment is required on the day of treatment. This includes the consultation fee and any additional fees for splints or therapy equipment.
    Compensable clients ( TAC, workcover, DVA):
    Dependent on approval of your workcover claim, consultation fees will be covered by the insurance agency covering your claim, however splints and therapy equipment will still need to be paid for on the day by the client.

  5. Enhanced Primary Care Plan clients:
    Your consultation fee is covered by the EPC plan however aids and equipment will require payment on the day.


  6. What happens if my splint is uncomfortable or needs adjusting?
    If you have been made a customised splint and you are finding that it needs adjusting before your next appointment, please do not try to modify the splint yourself as you may change the shape or purpose of the splint. Please call your relevant practice rooms (5562 4442) to get your splint checked earlier.


Frequently Asked Questions

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